Humanity! What do you do now ?

First a summary of SOME parts of the situation on the planet.

"Apocalypse" (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling".

The Big Test for Humanity to free itself from thousands of years of slavery.

The coming years with 5G and other warfares against humanity will be The Big Test for Humanity to emancipate from slavery. This will be the opportunity for a larger part of human beings to wake up. Some will, some will not.

  1. Banking Scam & Fraud

    The Rulers of Humanity has tricked Humanity with one single trick: MONEY. The Elite uses money as means of controlling humanity: Bank fraud creating digital money out of thin air, when a loan is made in a private bank. "Modern slaves do not wear chains. They owe money to the bank". Monopoly on creating money: The Elite controls countries via Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank etc. The socalled "Banksters" own countries, states, governments. These are all PRIVATE CORPORATIONS.

    Digital 'money' is made OUT of THIN AIR, whenever someone signs a piece of paper with his or her signature ! Why does the 'money circus' work? Because we have all been mind controlled to believe it ! Now is the time to end it, but first spend some time listening:

    Money in the modern economy: an introduction - Quarterly Bulletin article

    Money creation in the modern economy - Quarterly Bulletin article

    The creation of Federal Reserve

    The Banking scam & Fraud

  2. I could not have said it better

  3. The WHO cover UP that is costing us the Earth

    To download the video's supporting document containing further information on 5G, additional resources and references click here.

  4. Controlled by money

    Everybody has to work to pay the rent, the house (make fraudulent loan in a private bank), pay taxes to the government (authorities) etc. The whole system of the international bankster, countries, governments, the policitical circus called democracy is all part of organised crime since Babylon.

  5. Religious fraud: Vatican worships Lucifer

    Most other socalled 'religions' are a means of suppressing.

  6. Physical power, military, weapons of destruction.

    The Elite/Illuminati sets up nation against nation and sell weapons to both sides and has done that for many many years. Gaddafi tried to make an african currency, therefore the satanistic Banksters and their whores destroyed a beautiful country and at the same time lying about it thru their owned mainstream media using ignorant journalist prostitutes.

  7. Sacha Stone interviews Bibi Bachaus

    about Birth Certificate, Strawman, Govern-ment, tax, police, jails, authorities, legal fraud, maritime law, Babylon etc.

    Link to Sacha Stones website

  8. Do NOT vote!

    Voting is an illusion to keep you in your dream, that you live in a democracy. You don't! elections, obedient workers

    and .. the slaves are clapping their hands
  9. If you vote, you give consensus to killing innocent people. Many americans, british people and danish people are responsible (knowing or not-knowing) for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya qua voting for politicians and political parties supporting or contributing these Banksters/Illuminati/NATO wars.

  10. Geoengeneering, HAARP, Chemtrails (aluminium)

    poisoning of food and water supplies (fluoride, pesticides). Are THEY trying deliberately to kill millions of human beings? YES, the Illuminati does NOT like humans.

  11. Interview with Dr. Klinghardt

    Chemtrails (aluminium), Glyphosate (RoundUp, Monsanto, Beyer), Electromagnetic Radiation (now 5G)

  12. Vaccines with aluminium. Intention: depopulation

    Text and links to come

  13. Big Pharma started as chemical industries and they have not changed. The nazists in Germany used I.G. Farben. Boycot all shops worldwide, that sells RoundUp (contains super toxic glyphosate).

  14. Agenda 21sustainable-development-goalstransforming our world

  15. Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

Humanity is the only species on planet Earth, that has to pay to live on this planet.

Volume UP !!!

Humanity, what to do?

Regards Michael Maardt

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